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About Center for Community Development

Image - 2CORY FRANCIS,B.A, President originally from Raeford, North Carolina spent his adolescence in Durham, North Carolina where he developed not only a love for football, but a passion to help others less than fortunate. After earning a B.A. in Political Science with a concentration in Public Administration from North Carolina Central University in May, 1998, Mr. Francis was given an opportunity to play for professional football leagues in both Europe and the United States. A 10-year teaching and coaching career followed his time playing football for the Baltimore Ravens where he interacted with youth in the classroom, and on the field, which were in need of, but not receiving, mental health services. In addition to teaching and coaching, Mr. Francis worked with the National AIDS and HIV hotline as a Health Communication Specialist and a Prevention Specialist at an accredited substance abuse program in Raleigh, NC. Determined to make more of a monumental change in his community, he laid the foundation for Community Outreach for Youth and Family Services, Inc. in 2007.  In 2010 Mr. Francis recognized the need to create Center for Community Development to further assistance in providing more avenues to help citizens of local communities better their immediate surroundings through self empowerment programs.  


Executive Director - COO - Valerie Phillips is from Frederick, Maryland where she spent her younger years building on her love for track and field and her desire to want to see the world change. Combining these two passions would lead her to a full scholarship in Athletics at Arizona State University. Being a dedicated student athlete afforded Valerie the opportunity to achieve individual accolades while being part of a team. These two unique experiences help her to be resilient, self sufficient, and a team player. Graduating from ASU with honors with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work was not enough. She was picked by the University to participate in an accelerated Master's Program that would allow her to earn her master degree in only three semesters. Valerie has used her Master Degree in social work in variety of different ways but with a common foundation of helping people to better themselves and their environment. In addition to being a career oriented woman she is a loving and devoted wife with two boys. Valerie Phillips still an involved track and field fan and supports Team USA. Her support for Team USA has lead her to travel all over the World experiencing many different countries and a melting pot of cultures. Her leadership is poised to take COYFS to new endeavors.